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There is a major influence affecting your 9th sector, from international travel to higher education, marketing, publishing, or legal matters.  Retro Mercury could change your travel plans or make the journey more stressful.  This can be beneficial time for rethinking & revising educational, marketing, or legal plans.


Your attention will be focused on joint ventures, loans, taxes, or inheritance matters.  Retro Mercury could result in mistakes, so be careful when signing legal documents or misunderstandings, when discussing finances with your partner.  You desire a deeper emotional connection in all your relationships.


Marriage and partnerships will take center stage with Venus seeking harmony/connection and Saturn seeking resolution; however, retro Mercury can complicate expectations or discussions. This is a good time for reconnecting and clearing up any previous misunderstandings.


There is a major focus on work and/or health maintenance. Retro Mercury can have you rethinking your job position, or a project could end.  You may also decide you are serious about improving your diet after the holidays. Social Venus can be ideal for enjoying any work holiday parties.


It’s the holiday season and you are in a festive mood, with an alignment of planets triggering the sector of children, recreational activities, creative projects, and romance.  Retro Mercury can also have you making changes to your schedule, revising plans, and possibly dealing with travel delays— so take your time.




Your focus will be on the family, which will keep you busy for the holiday’s.  By Christmas, pleasure-seeking Venus joins the Sun, entering your sector of recreational activities, romance, and vacations.  This will be your time to enjoy life by getting out of the house and head for the slopes or a warm beach.


You will be busy catching up on all the news from the relatives or the friends that you may not have heard from in a while. Retro Mercury can cause schedule changes, especially when traveling.  This is an ideal time for repairing any past misunderstandings.  The last week is when you finally get into the full holiday spirit.


With the Sun and indulgent Venus in your financial sector, you could break the budget with all your holiday spending; but with retro Mercury also in your financial sector, you may regret any impulsive purchases, or money you were expecting could be delayed.  The last week is when you are traveling and visiting the relatives.


You have been on a long journey of self-discovery with karmic Saturn in your sign the past couple of years (but leaving on Dec 21st).  This will be an enjoyable month, as social Venus is in Sag and Mercury is in retro.  This may result in schedule changes and is a good time for revising your future plans.


Taskmaster Saturn has been in an incubation phase the past 2 years but enters Capricorn Dec 21st, joining the Sun and social Venus.  This will get you ready to launch new projects and become more visible. Retro Mercury may have you rethinking your future plans now that you are coming out of hiding. 




You are in a social mood, wanting to enjoy your friends and family and attending or hosting holiday parties.  You will also be thinking about next year and revising your plans due to retro Mercury. This could also be a time of you reconnecting to friends from your past or healing any recent rifts.



It may be the holiday’s, but with 4 Sag planets in your career sector your focus is on wrapping up business matters.  Retro Mercury can have you juggling your schedule and rethinking your expectations.  The last week is when you are ready to socialize, attend a few parties, and maybe head out of town.



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