If you are attending activities with children you need to pack some extra patience and stay flexible to handle unexpected schedule changes. Peace-keeping Venus in your home sector will keep any tensions from boiling over. Your job duties may be backed up while enjoying August.


This may not be the best month for home improvement projects or real estate transactions, with impatient Mars and a Solar Eclipse in your home sector, giving tensions and changing circumstances.  A weekend getaway may be just the answer to unwind and recharge your body and soul.


Indulgent Venus may seduce you into breaking your budget, perhaps due to impulsive travel plans, whether flying abroad or spending the weekend at a 5-Star beach resort. Communication Mercury will retrograde Aug 12th, so best to make your plans before hand and expect the unexpected.


With pleasure-seeking Venus transiting Cancer, others will be more attracted to your charms, making this an ideal month for enjoying the good life and attending social events. Be careful about spending sprees that could involve buying designer clothes or jewelry to look good for your parties.


Happy Birthday! You are beginning a new cycle, but with 2 eclipses and a retrograde Mercury you could find your life shifting gears, ending old attachments and entering a new chapter. This could result in changes in your business activities, personal relationships ending, or new relationships developing.


Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, compelling you to re-examine your life as you question your previous plans and goals. Ambitious Mars can have you working behind the scenes developing new projects. Take time to stay in touch with friends, as they could be of great support keeping you grounded.


Ambitious Mars motivates you to go after your goals, but you need to be flexible so you can make any necessary adjustments to be able to succeed in your quest.  Friends and associates could be beneficial, but this may also be a good month to network and socialize by attending parties and large events.


There’s a nice balance between working hard and relaxing this August. Ambitious Mars transits your career sector, helping you accomplish your business goals, and pleasure-seeking Venus transits your long-distant travel sector, ideal for enjoying an international trip and reconnecting to old friends.


Adventurous Mars and the Sun are transiting your travel sector, giving a desire for a more energetic trip, such as mountain trekking or scuba diving. This is also a good month to take a break from business. With a retrograde Mercury in your career sector, this may only complicate work matters.


Pleasure-seeking Venus is in the 7th of partnerships with energetic Mars in the 8th of passion. This can either stimulate a new love interest or re-awaken the romance back into your marriage. Retrograde Mercury in the 9th may have you changing your travel plans or going on an unexpected trip.

aqurisAssertive Mars and Leo Sun transiting your partnership sector can trigger ego disputes but can also clear the air of any grievances and reset a relationship, especially with 2 eclipses shaking up your social life. Mercury retrograde may indicate any tensions with financial misunderstandings.


Ambitious Mars in your work sector can have you accomplishing a great deal, but it’s best to work alone, as you could also be too impatient to cooperate with others. Social Venus in the 5th of fun and games gives a nice balance between working hard and enjoying your summer weekends.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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