What’s Unique About Galaxy? LOOK at Samsung – A Profile on Stephanie Mattera

Photography by Chichi Ubina

2015-11-17-Mattera-Stephanie10780-as-Smart-Object-1-copy-731x1024Tell us about yourself and your family. Where did you grow up/go to school?

I am the eldest child from a large, Italian American family. As the oldest, I learned to make my own way in life and also provide guidance to my younger siblings. The best part about watching my sisters and brothers grow up is seeing them develop into their own person. Nicholas became an entrepreneur while still in high school, Steve was sworn into the United States Air Force this year, Bianca is a junior at UCONN, and Eleanor is a high school senior and talented artist.
I grew up in the beautiful and rural town of Exeter, Rhode Island. That environment definitely contributed to my appreciation for nature and animals. Before leaving Rhode Island, I received an M.B.A. in Global Business Leadership from Johnson and Wales University. In 2009, I completed a M.S. degree in Public Relations and Corporate Communication at New York University.

What do you do?

As a Lifestyle Correspondent for Celebrity Catwalk TV, I cover the latest trends in fashion and beauty, and interview NYC’s most sought after trendsetters and tastemakers. The show airs Sundays at 7:00 p.m. on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network via Time Warner (channel 56), RCN (Channel 83), Verizon (Channel 34), and http://livestream.com/mnn2/events/2616018. I also recently returned to my alma mater as a professor in the Public Relations and Corporate Communication graduate program at NYU’s School of Professional Studies. And since 2010, I have been advocating for animals as the Spokesperson for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, a non-profit and the sole umbrella organization for animal welfare in New York City.

Tell us about how you got started.

I inherited my entrepreneurial spirit from my parents and grandparents, which ultimately led me to pursue multiple passions and carve out a unique career path. I have stayed true to my primary passions: Communications, Education, Fashion, and Animal Welfare. Pursuing a graduate degree at Johnson & Wales University completely changed the trajectory of my life. It was through the university that I met recruiters from Macy’s Merchandising Group. The decision to pursue Corporate Fashion landed me in New York City and was a defining moment in my career. I still draw upon my fashion background as a Lifestyle Correspondent and I would not change anything about my journey.

What led you to getting a Galaxy phone?

After finishing up a project as a Consultant, I turned in my iPhone. I decide to play with SAMSUNG Galaxy phones in a store. That’s when I realized how intuitive and user friendly the features are on a Galaxy compared to other models and brands. From my first Galaxy, I became a brand loyalist.

Which one do you have?

I have the SAMSUNG Galaxy
S6 edge+

Anyone else in your family or work have one?2015-11-17-Mattera-Stephanie10770-as-Smart-Object-1-copy-731x1024

Some of my colleagues have older versions of the Galaxy. I was an early adopter of the SAMSUNG Galaxy S6 edge+. I upgraded my phone the day that it was released!

What role does your Galaxy play at work?

The Microsoft Outlook apps on my Galaxy ensure my productivity while I am on the go, enabling me to review and edit Microsoft Word and Excel
documents as well as sending emails professionally from Microsoft Outlook.

What role does your Galaxy play at leisure time?

My Galaxy helps me stay connected to family and friends. I love sharing photos and memories on Facebook and Instagram.

What are your 3 favorite features of your Galaxy?

I love the built-in 16MP camera! People always comment on the incredibly high quality photos that I take with the camera. The Galaxy’s dual-edge screen and sleek silhouette really appeal to me too.

What are your top 3 favorite apps?

Metro-North Train Time and Samsung Pay are apps that make my life easier and keep me on schedule. ResQWalk helps me raise funds for animal rescue organizations and shelter pets while I am exercising, which makes me feel really good!

If you could design an app for the future, what would you make?

I would love to create an app that serves as a centralized place for volunteer opportunities, measuring community impact, donating funds to charities, networking with others that are giving back, and locating charity events.

What do you think is the best invention (so far) in your lifetime?

The internet is the single most important invention in my lifetime because it created a culture of global citizens through knowledge sharing and connecting people from around the world.