LOOK at SAMSUNG – A Profile on Chef Marc Weber from OntheMarc Catering and Events

Photography by ChiChi Ubiña


Tell us about yourself and your family.

I grew up in Stamford. I lived in New York City from 2010-2012 and in 2012 we moved to Westport. My wife and I met in 2010. She was working in the tax department of a hedge fund in NYC and I was working to grow my catering company. We bonded over our love of food. In 2014, we had our son Ethan.

Where did you get your start?

I started catering by private chefing. I used to do a lot of small intimate dinner parties. They were on a size and scale that are difficult for larger catering companies to execute. I private chefed for Robin Williams while he was in town and shooting a movie. After that, the parties naturally grew. Intimate dinner parties turned into graduation parties and gala events.

When did you start your own business?

I started the company in 2006. In 2007, I bought a commercial condo and built out a kitchen which is where we still operate today. The company grew exponentially as more people experienced our food. One party became two and two parties became four, etc.

What are the challenges of running a catering business?

In our line of work, there is no room for error and yet there are so many things that can go wrong. For each event, we bring every item that we could need. From spatulas, to Band-Aids, to fire extinguishers, pots and pans. There are hundreds of components that get loaded and unloaded for each event. The events we cater are often milestone events for the individual. Many have had years of planning involved. It is a very stressful and labor intensive industry.


The rewards?

The bigger the challenge the greater the rewards! My team and I really enjoy getting the glowing emails after the events. It makes the long days and hard work totally worth it. We all enjoy making people happy.

What sets a good catering company apart?

Dependability, service, food, flexibility, professionalism, scalability.

What led you to getting a SAMSUNG phone?

I run my company off my phone and I often work 16 hour days. I needed a phone with the capacity to install a larger battery. It doesn’t matter how good your phone is if the battery is dead. My battery is twice the size of the standard battery. I also love the interface, it’s very durable, and super-fast.


Who else in your family has one?

My brother.

What are your favorite features of the phone?

The voice recognition is really helpful when I can’t type. The google bar is amazing – it tracks my packages, flights, tells me traffic in the morning. All without having to input anything. The camera is great for quick shots of Ethan. I also like how it syncs with my Gmail and Google. I am not a very tech savvy person and the phone just makes everything so easy.

Are there any unexpected features?

The Google bar is beyond smart. I never anticipated how good it could be.