Hollywood POP Gallery ~ The Art of The Party

Interview by Jeanine Behr Getz

Hollywood POP Gallery is a full service Event Planning, Design & Destination management Company with entertainment and name talent booking capabilities. They are considered one of the top luxury brand, boutique Event Design companies around the world.

chicagoFCL has the great pleasure of interviewing Co-chicagoOwner of Hollywood POP Gallery (HPG), Brett Galley. Brett is often quoted in top magazines & online stories about what’s trending in the event planning world and FCL is psyched she has agreed to share the inside scoop with us in a four part interview series. Perhaps she will inspire your next destination, corporate, milestone or fundraising event.

FCL: Brett, so great to meet the mind behind so many fabulous parties and fundraisers our readers have attended over the years.

Brett: I am excited to share my experience with the FCL readers so that I might inspire their next celebration, destination or creation.

FCL: Many were probably first introduced to HPG at a whimsically themed children’s birthday party some 10 or so years ago. How has HPG grown/evolved?

Brett: HPG was born out of a passion for the arts and a demand for exceptional entertainment and service in event planning and design. As our clientele matured and their ideas and needs expanded, so did we. Much more of our volume these days is actually teen, adult, and corporate events.

FCL: Tell us about some HPG 2015 events?

Brett: This year we had the pleasure of working with Bette Midler on her Hulaween fundraiser, Greenwich Town Party, The Greenwich International Film Festival, and several incredible private events.

We love to transport a client and their guests into a world they never knew was possible.

FCL: Does Hollywood POP have a blog our readers could capture more party ideas?

Brett: Yes, we post twice a month. Our latest blog offers great tips for the holidays too. HollywoodPOPGalleryLOCATION!DESTINED FOR GREATNESS? JUST PICK YOUR

Camels1-1024x683Destination Events

FCL: Are destination events hot for 2016? Give us some ideas.

Brett: The appeal of destination events has been growing each year. Some of the hottest destinations are St. Barths, Croatia, the Maldives, Bora Bora, and South Africa.

We have planned everything from a daytime zip line excursion; fly fishing off a private yacht charter to exclusive dining inside a select wine cellar, dance party at a local club to a special name talent experience on the beach.

Destination events equal milestone birthday celebrations, anniversaries, corporate events, weddings and group weekend getaways. Who wouldn’t welcome a weekend recharge with some of their nearest and dearest?

Many of our clients utilize Hollywood POP Gallery as a luxury concierge and we are happy to handle their entire destination event stateside and abroad.

FCL: What do clients have to do to arrange a destination event?

Brett: Call us. They can share their ideas with us or give us their date, occasion, budget and we will do the rest. We take on all event
logistics, events within events, coordinating catering, couture, even a dog sitter so they can enjoy their time away!

Every event, design and entertainment booking is a direct reflection of the client. They hire us to give the best impression possible. It is our job to implement their vision and make them look good!

With the relationships we have developed over the years, we can provide priceless service in almost any part of the world.

FCL: How long does it take to plan a destination event? How does the budget work?

Brett: We have planned them in a matter of a Planecouple months to a year in advance.Plane-1024x652

We make your vision come to life seamlessly and stress free. Our clients receive a dedicated event team for their celebration, from a personalized manager, as their point person for logistics and vendor liaison, to a creative director for help providing cutting-edge creative input throughout the development and design process.

We make sure that the majority of funds are placed on activities, destination experiences and overall bonding with friends and family.

We will make your party POP right where and when you want it to!

FCL: Give us an example of a recent destination Hollywood Pop has produced.

Brett: A very interesting celebration we produced recently was at a resort on the Riviera Maya, 30 miles south of Cancun.

We sent out a detailed agenda to guests a few months before the party, so they could sign up for sports and activities throughout their stay. We were able to create a personalized itinerary for each guest.

The main agenda was to relax and have fun, and enjoy exemplary service. Thirteen couples attended.Golf was the main theme. Tee times were set up at the resort daily. We created a themed “golf” logo for the four day event which was utilized on T-shirts, socks, hats, towels, the welcome letter seal and anything distributed to guests along the way.

When guests arrived in the beautiful lobby of the resort, they were greeted with a Margarita made with fresh juices, guacamole and salsas, followed by an optional 15-minute, mini head-and-neck massage.

Guests checked into their private villas, complete with plunge pool and their own personal butler, who was at their service for their entire stay.

A basket of seasonal fruit, and various items from Mayakoba interspersed with a map, itinerary and logo paraphernalia in a personalized weekender bag were positioned on a table in their living room, including a special bottle of wine with a logo label.

There were different activities each night:

We arranged for a spectacular Casino Poker Night and special surprise. One of the most well-known, skilled and dangerous poker players in the world joined their game

Each evening, as guests arrived back at their villa, a poem was placed on their pillows with a small gift. For example, before a day of golf and the night of poker, they received a miniature book on poker with a note that read, “Take a little look, at this mini poker book. And these golfing quotes for fun, may help you get a hole in one!” Boat

Another night featured a red and green themed dining experience beyond guests’ wildest dreams.

A gondola took the guests from their villas to a beautiful dinner on the water prepared by a celebrity chef. The menu featured seafood delicacies, including fresh lobster tail, scallops and local fruits.

The last evening was the grand finale.Boat-1024x683

Guests were called to dinner on the beach at 8pm.

The beach had been transformed into luxurious “beach lounge” complete with modern furniture, low tables and hammocks. A DJ
played background tunes while guests enjoyed a feast. A personalized movie, we had produced, was shown to everyone before dessert.

The culmination of the event was a huge surprise to all the guests, including the guest of honor! One of his favorite singers appeared and put on a concert they would never forget. That was followed by a spectacular fireworks display.

The next day, they enjoyed a champagne brunch and headed home.

FCL: We loved our destination event escape! Thank you for sharing your ideas and expertise with our readers.

Brett: Make every day a CELEBRATION!

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