Busy Women: Mary Grace Hicks

EMT, Emergency Room Nurse

Photographs by ChiChi Ubiña


Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Greenwich. With the exception of college I have lived here my whole life. It’s a wonderful place and I am so lucky to call it home.

Where did you go to school?
I graduated from Greenwich High School in 2004; I went on to go to Southern Methodist University and then graduate from Hobart and William Smith in 2008. I am currently attending St. Vincent’s College to get my RN.

Tell about how you got into your job – nursing and EMT and what you are currently doing now.

I started volunteering at GEMS a little over two years ago. I come from a Greenwich family that takes great pride in our town and its organizations. My dad was a selectman when GEMS first started and was thrilled when I became a volunteer. I immediately fell in love and was volunteering 36 hours a week. There is something to be said for the adrenalin rush that you get when those lights and sirens go on. It’s a feeling like nothing else, but it’s more about the fact that in their most vulnerable moments these people entrust us with their lives and I take great pride in that. My skills, my confidence and my knowledge have grown exponentially, every day is different and I am constantly pushed out of my comfort zone and challenged. All of which have made this experience an irreplaceable influence in my decision to continue to pursue nursing. I recently made the transition to a part time employee while also working part time in the Greenwich Hospital Emergency Room. 2015-6-22_Hicks-5-683x1024

Hobbies? Interests?
I love to be active. I run every single day. Most weeks I have a very unusual schedule with the ER and the Ambulance, so on my days off I get outside as much as possible. This past winter skiing was a big part of my life. I have recently gotten into cycling and I’m really enjoying it. I look at exercise as a way to clear my head. In this business you experience some pretty emotional stuff; it’s important to have that time to yourself to reflect and get perspective on things.
My parents made sure that we were well traveled when we were kids and have continued to travel as a family even as we’ve gotten older. There is something about exploring new places and new cultures. I hope that eventually when I have kids I can give them the same experiences.
Spending time with the people I hold closest to my heart has become really important to me. Watching patients and their family members go through what we see every day, makes you shift your priorities and gives you a different perspective. It makes you realize how quickly things can change and not to take
that for granted. Whether it’s a walk, coffee, dinner or just a phone call, I have learned to put that at the top of my list. To make sure they people know how important they are to me.

Charitable causes?
I am a member of the Cos Cob Fire Police, which is a volunteer company that operates under the Greenwich Fire department. It’s an incredible group of people that who give so much of their time to the town; I am honored to be a part of it.

My day…
4:50am: My Alarm goes off- I hit snooze….
5:00am: Out of bed to go for a run
5:40am: Shower and get ready
6:10am: Out the door
6:20am: Arrive at one our 4 four medic stations around town to relieve the night crew
6:30am: Truck Check and COFFEE COFFEE (hopefully before we get a call)
6:30am-6:15pm: Every day is different; I wake up every day not knowing what is going to get thrown at me. I could leave the station at 6:30am with an early call and not return until 6pm at night. On those days we are lucky if we get lunch. Or it could be a quiet day, in which case I have time to get studying done. We also have round table call reviews, truck washing, restocking and shifting throughout the day. It’s unpredictable and chaotic at times and that’s what I love about it.
6:15pm: Night crew comes in, I give report, hand over the radio
6:20pm: Off duty (if I don’t get any late calls) and head home
6:30pm: Quick bike ride, walk or a tennis game to wind down
7:30pm: Out to dinner/ finish up on some studying depending on how much work I have
9:30pm: Ready for bed

Clothes and Makeup by Saks Fifth Avenue, Greenwich
Jewelry by Steven B. Fox Jewelers, Greenwich
Hair by Jafaar Tazi Salon, Greenwich