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Parent-Child Group at Grand Prix

Saturday, March 10, 2012
Mt. Kisco, NY

Parent-Child Group hosted a fun evening for parents at Westchester's hub of fun, Grand Prix.  The event had everything from racing to bowling to billiards.  It was a great night out for the group.

"Parent-Child Group (PCG) is a not-for-profit organization celebrating our 31st year.  Since our founding, we have been committed to providing a quality program in which both parents and children participate.  In the safe setting of our classroom, children are nurtured, engaged and encouraged to discover their world together with their parents and teachers.  Conversation, observation and interaction enable the parents to see the world from the child’s point of view, which is critical to developing strong parenting skills."

“PARENT-CHILD GROUP is a place where moms can come together to navigate the sometimes calm, sometimes turbulent sea of parenting. We believe being a parent is the most important, most difficult and most rewarding job in the world. The goal of PARENT-CHILD GROUP is to make the tough times a bit easier and the rewards a bit greater, by providing a fun, warm and welcoming environment that enables parents and children to grow together.”  Additional information can be found at

Deanna Marano, Kristale O'Brien, Emily HanlonDeanna Marano, Kristle O'Brien, Emily Hanlon
Susan Vail, Nicole WollmanSusan Vail, Nicole Wollman
Brian Inglis, Pete WelchBrian Inglis, Pete Welch
Kimberly Plaford, Sarah O'Loughlin, Elisa Duger, Priscilla RossiKimberly Plaford, Sarah O'Loughlin, Elisa Duger, Priscilla Rossi.
Nick Gruber, Jocelyn Gruber, Sharon and Ricky DhallNick Gruber, Jocelyn Gruber, Sharon and Ricky Dhall
Eric and Cathy SavitzEric and Cathy Savitz
Kristal O'BrienKristle O'Brien
Catherine Levine, Stacey ClevelandCathrine Levine and Stacey Cleveland
Rob MaranoRob Marano
 Sarah and Senan O'LoughlinSarah and Senan O'Loughlin
Travis O'Brien, Jeff HanlonTravis O'Brien, Jeff Hanlon
Priscilla and Michael RossiPriscilla and Michael Rossi
Cami Luppino, Rocco BuetiCami Luppino, Rocco Bueti
John Levine, Sharon DhallJon Levine, Sharon Dhall
Cheryl Hughes, Ceora Derow, Jessi Kleinknecht, Livia TuzzoCheryl Hughes, Ceora Derow, Jessi Kleinknecht, Livia Tuzzo
Colette Dow, Kari PuckhaberColette Dow, Kari Puckhaber
Ken and Karen RothenbergKen and Karen Rothenberg
Jessi KleinknechtJessi Kleinknecht
Ricky VermaRicky Verma
Janet Luciano, Mireille BuetiJanet Luciano, Mireille Bueti
Anthony Luppino, Roseanne LuppinoAnthony Luppino, Roseanne Luppino
Colette and David Dow, Anne CorlessColette and David Dow, Anne Corless
Kari Puckhaber, Randy WojtowiczKari Puckhaber, Randy Wojtowicz
Kelli Clem, Ron Belmont, Ryan Belmont, Nicole Wollman, Sue VailKelli Clem, Ron Belmont, Ryan Belmont, Nicole Wollman, Sue Vail
Peter and Melissa WelchPeter and Melissa Welch
Jessi KleinknechtJessi Kleinknecht
TJ Duger, Elisa DugerTJ Duger, Elisa Duger
Joe Luppino, Karen OnofrioJoe Luppino, Karen Onofrio
Senan O'Loughlin, Spencer FalkSenan O'Loughlin, Spencer Falk